The Lab helps define strategic directions for human rights actors so the field can grow as rapidly as the world is changing. 



The Human Rights Lab develops new ideas and prototypes novel strategies that address the today's realities and tomorrow's problems.



The Lab promotes innovation in the field of human rights, based on problem-solving methods that generate projects, organizations, and partnerships that have greater impact and respond swiftly to challenges. The Lab is a "common good" of human rights, with the mission to promote initiatives and collaborations with other organizations and actors in the field.

Lab experts leverage a range of innovative methodologies to solve practical problems in human rights. Many of these methodologies have been developed in other fields, from design and journalism to strategic thinking and project management. 

We organize problem solving workshops and multidisciplinary seminars for activists, scholars, technologists, policy makers, artists, and financiers.



We prototype initiatives, incubate new approaches, and test their viability and sustainability for making a long-term, measurable impact.