Our video channel encourages classrooms to draw from Latin American Legal thought with a social justice focus. 


The broad dilemma and the discrete challenges


The recognized dilemma of North-South imbalance in the production and consumption of academic legal thought cannot be addressed with broad solutions. We broke down the dilemma as follows:

Global South scholars and educators often have greater access to tools for intellectual dialogue with their Global North counterparts than with their Global South colleagues. How do we reverse this trend and what impact can this intervention have?

Challenge 1: Regional cross pollination. A platform for intellectual exchanges of Latin American legal scholars. 

Challenge 2: Develop teaching and critical thinking tools that integrate regional scholars' work into legal education. How can the impact of these tools be measured and maximized?

In the long term, can this regional collaboration expand into a South-South cross-regional exchange?


Developing innovative answers through group work and prototyping


To intervene in legal education in Latin America, we created tools to facilitate the adoption of materials with a social justice lens.



A group of distinguished public intellectuals who teach at law schools across Latin America formed a collective to exchange expertise, think jointly and produce scholarship by and about the region with a focus on social justice and human rights. The success of our collaboration hinged on the expertise and buy-in of the members of the collective, as well as on their ability to disseminate the scholarship within their universities.

Regional and regionally relevant scholarship is key to shifting the North-South imbalance in knowledge production. Incorporating these materials and spurring interest in Global South scholarship amongst a generation of students must also be part of the process.

To assist in this second stage, we produced a series of instructional videos on regionally-relevant questions of rights claims and social inclusion.  We produced a book mapping legal practice and doctrine in Latin America and reworked our Canal Justicia platform to allow for continued updates, diverse types of support materials, and free access to our book.  


Testing, improving, disseminating

We have made these resources available to the public and are currently working on strategies to facilitate a widespread adoption of these materials and effective measurement of their impact. Canal Justicia's dedicated website will update new materials as they become available.