Some of our Collaborators

Chris Michael

Chris is a human rights activist, trainer, facilitator, writer, video producer and campaign strategist with an expertise in storytelling, multimedia and online strategies for change. He founded Collaborations for Change after over a decade of designing and running social change campaigns, developing human rights training curricula and leading dozens of video and campaign strategy workshops and participatory events for human rights groups from over 115 countries. Before founding Collaborations for Change, Chris was the Head of Training and Partnerships at WITNESS


Enrique Piracés

Enrique has worked at the intersection of human rights, science, and technological innovation for more than 10 years, and has experience in fact-finding, evidence preservation, data science and digital security. He focuses on the use of technology in the context of human rights and on the opportunities that new scientific and technological developments open for NGOs and practitioners. He is an proponent of the use of Open Source technologies and an advocate for the use of strong crypto as building blocks in human rights documentation and journalistic work. He is a visiting scholar at the Human Rights and Science Center at Carnegie Mellon University.


Margaret Hagan

Margaret is a lecturer at Stanford’s Institute of Design (the and a fellow at Stanford Law School’s Center on the Legal Profession. She founded the Legal Design Initiative  a cross-disciplinary project to create and study new models for making law accessible to everyone. She has a JD from Stanford Law School (2013), and a PhD from Queen’s University Belfast in International Politics (2008). She blogs about law and design at Open Law Lab  and her portfolio of projects is at


Sam Gregory

Sam is the Program Director at WITNESS and he teaches on human rights advocacy and participatory media at the Harvard Kennedy School. His recent work includes the Webby-nominated Human Rights Channel on YouTube, and the award-winning ObscuraCam and InformaCam tools. He has developed widely used tools and capacity building programs for video advocacy, including “Video for Change: A Guide for Advocacy and Activism” (Pluto Press) and WITNESS’ Video Advocacy Institute. He has worked extensively with human rights activists, particularly in Latin America and Asia, integrating video into campaigns on a range of human rights issues.

Internationally recognized for his expertise on emerging forms of advocacy, he has published in human rights, social entrepreneurship and visual media journals including the Journal of Human Rights Practice and First Monday. He was formerly on the Advisory Board of the Tactical Technology Collective, and is on the Board of the US Campaign for Burma, and the Advisory Board of Games for Change.  Sam blogs at and tweets at


Zachary Sifuentes

Zachary is an artist and writer who has over a decade of experience teaching writing and studio arts. While serving as head preceptor at Harvard's Expository Writing program, he led the implementation and design of the HarvardWrites initiative, a tool for teachers and students of writing. As head of the Bow & Arrow Press, he taught book arts while restoring the printmaking studio. Zachary's artwork has been collected by both private individuals and public institutions, and for a number of years he made commissioned artwork for Emory University's renowned poetry reading series. He is the Dean of Humanities at Proof School, a new secondary school for kids who love math.