Can education spur tangible changes in human rights practice?
We believe so.


The Lab has developed projects and facilitated the development of partners' projects in the area of human rights education.

We focus on clinics, graduate programs, online teaching platforms, and other learning spaces because the future of human rights practice will change when we start changing the way we teach it. 


Here are some guiding questions for these projects:

  • How can we intervene in legal education to inject social inclusion and human rights frames into the way we learn about domestic rule of law and international human rights law?

  • How can we develop human rights educational tools for the broader public that spread knowledge about human rights, tactical thinking, advocacy and movement building?

  • And how can we measure the impact of specific changes, resources, and methodologies?

These questions have been at the heart of the Lab's pilot project, Canal Justicia, and of a design thinking session organized in service of the Open Society Foundations' innovative Community of Practice project. 

We have worked to break down central issues in these projects into discrete challenges, and have targeted only specific regions, disciplines, or elements of human rights education.

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